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Brewing Rijkrallpa beer

We collaborate with two artisanal beer producers, a Swiss one,
la Nébuleuse, and a Peruvian one, Cerveza Cumbres, in order to create an original beer inspired by the Chicha de Jora, an ancient corn-based beverage consumed in Peru during sacred ceremonies for more than

three millennia.

Rijkrallpa beer on Untapped

Multidisciplinary seminar at the University of Lausanne


We organised a multidisciplinary seminar at the University of Lausanne (UNIL), in collaboration with the Institute of Archaeology and Sciences of Antiquity (IASA), which addressed the issue of the process of myth creation and its importance for ancient societies. For this occasion, we invited different Swiss specialists from different disciplines associated with the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva, as well as experts on the Andean world: Julio Rucabado, Peruvian archaeologist, professor at PUCP and specialist in the Mochica culture; Dr. Gary Urton, American anthropologist, professor at Harvard University, known for his analysis of the Quipus (Inca administrative device). The objective of this meeting was the establishment of an academic dialogue on issues related to cultural practices by ancient European and pre-Hispanic cultures.

Peruvian gastronomical week with the exclusive participation of Chef Gastón Acurio UPCOMING


The Peruvian gastronomical week will take place at the Hospitality School of Lausanne (EHL), where the Swiss public will be able to discover the variety of culinary treasures of Peru which mirror a millenary cultural heritage. While the event will be taking place, we will invite the famous Peruvian Chef Gastón Acurio, who will be in charge of a Master Class, and the elaboration of an original degustation menu in direct collaboration with the exhibition “The Angel of the Andes”. The latter will try to relate the narration of the myth of Rijkrallpa with the creation of different dishes, combining typical Peruvian flavours.

Boutique of souvenirs

At the occasion of the events that we organize through the association RIJKRALLPA, we make available to the attending public, a point of sale of souvenirs produced by the same artisans with whom we collaborate for the exhibition. This will allow the creation of a space for the valorisation of the traditional handicrafts of Peru and its heirs.


Here you can discover the different events or products created in collaborations with various entities - both institutions and individuals -
to communicate about the Rijkrallpa projects and to publicize the many facets of pre-Columbian cultures

Inauguration of the Rijkrallpa Beer - June 28, 2016


Rijkrallpa Beer
"Empanada Bailable"
La Nébuleuse Brewery
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