RIJKRALLPA is a non-profit organisation located in Lima (Peru) and Lausanne (Switzerland), which aims to promote pre-Columbian cultures in Western societies through artistic exhibitions and ludic activities. For this,

we work in an interdisciplinary team, made up of current research specialists and artists, thus developing a discourse of both artistic and scientific outreach. ​

Likewise, the projects we develop are part of the "Decolonialising Arts" movement, which aims to value and communicate pre-Hispanic cosmovision practices before the arrival of the Spaniards, in the beginning of the XVI century in South America. ​

We work, therefore, hand-in-hand with Peruvian artists who produce, following traditional techniques, the objects for the exhibitions. Thanks to our souvenir shop, we offer them as well a window for the commercialization of their products among a wider public and the valorisation of their works.

Meet Our Team




22 Chemin de la Cure,

1012 Lausanne, Switzerland.


Av. Reynaldo Vivanco 318, dpto 401, Surco, Lima 33, Peru.




​Phone (Switzerland): +41 787668328

                       (Peru):  +51 984793644






The Rijkrallpa association collaborates with different entities to organize events and create exclusive products

In collaboration with artisans from all over Peru, this project seeks to rescue ancestral techniques

The artistic exhibition of archaeological fiction that explores the myth of Rijkrallpa

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