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We try to rescue traditional techniques of craftsmanship from its possible extinction through a curatorial project: to count original legends through pieces of artistic craftsmanship.
A photographic and audiovisual record of the whole process will be made to produce five media products: an internet program with 7-minute videos, an exhibition, children's books with video clips, a memoir book and a blog on the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio website.



* Value the traditional Peruvian crafts and display their products as works of art.

* Learn about Peruvian roots through its legends and the artisans who narrate them by their artworks.

* Arouse children's curiosity for original legends and to value the traditional Peruvian craftsmanship.

* Ensure that artisanal and traditional Peruvians handicrafts do not disappear.


After a research process, seven artisans from all over Peru are assigned a legend of their respective villages of origin.
We travel to each of this places in search of the current relevance of the legend, the apprentices, their accommodation and possible scenarios for the program.

Those responsible for the project propose a curatorial process to the master craftsmen to create pieces of artistic craftsmanship with which the original legend will be told.

It is important to note that this project seeks to ensure that craft trades do not disappear, therefore, master craftsmen will work with their apprentices.
If the master craftsman lacked of apprentice, the young people of the village will be summoned for basic classes that the master craftsman will dictate financed by the project to evaluate those who have greater aptitudes and interest in continuing to learn the trade. If the teacher lives in the city the same will be done with the young people of the neighborhood where he lives.

Together with the Artisan Masters, we will reach a consensus on the number of pieces needed to clearly narrate their legend.



Peruvian handicrafts are an unheeded heritage. The absence of a School of Applied Arts and a Conservatory of Sumptuous Techniques - such as those that exists in Europe since the late nineteenth century - not only denotes a delay of our development as a country, but a neglect of a cultural aspect that can mean a profitable activity for our economy.

WILLKA MAKIKUNA proposes media products to empower artistic crafts as a cultural, artistic, commercial and educational bastion.
By artistic craftsmanship the present project means the abandonment of criteria of the artisan work like the massive and repetitive production to create unique objects which seek to create a language using the same productive techniques.

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